Chocolate Production

We have dedicated more than 60 years to the pleasure of delighting adults and children with our delicious chocolate.

Kilos of the best Chocolate in the region are produced everyday in our facilities.

It all starts with the best selection of raw materials, the key to our quality being Costa Rican cacao.

Our experts, the Chocolate Masters, select the best cacao beans and other ingredients under the most strict health and environmental standards.

We have developed secret formulas which make us different and make our ingredients suitable for delicious recipes.

A good mix of ingredients combined with our expertise in the process, allow us to produce the best chocolate for the delight of all consumers, whether big or small.

Using your five senses allows you to identify and taste the superb quality of our chocolate, visualize balance and consistency, appreciate the exquisite aroma and authentic flavor, all of which generates a unique experience and causes intense and unforgettable sensations.

This has made consumers more select and experts in chocolate tasting, thus being able to identify the outstanding nutritional qualities and attributes of this magnificent delicacy.

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