Cacao Production

Costa Rica has been characterized as being one of the countries of the world where high quality Cocoa is produced due to its geographical location with an ideal climate and soil to grow such valued fruit.

From the very beginning, the company - aiming at guaranteeing Cocoa production and harvest - has been participating and supporting this specific productive sector in the country, a sector that has been characterized by its great contribution to the development and improvement of this agro-industry.

This development has allowed us to use our 100% Costa Rican Cocoa products, which are classified as one of the best ones in the world.

The process is broad and its stages are very demanding. This will define the quality and result of a good pod to be processed.

Pods must be harvested in specific times and ripe states, being more frequent in times of greater production during the year (April, May, November and December).

If they are not harvested when ripe, then they lose quality properties in the aroma and flavor.

In order to ensure the quality of the cacao, it is important to let the bean adequately ferment and dry so as to obtain the required aroma and flavor to produce the best chocolate.

Nowadays, we continue to be a strong driver for Cocoa´s production in Costa Rica; we are always giving support and striving to get better in order to guarantee the growth of this agro-industry that will allow offering good quality fruits as raw material for the well-liked final products.

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